Being on both the vendor side and the dealer side, Brooke knew there had a better way for dealers to have access to a true competent Digital Marketing Professional. Too many dealers don't have anyone in house to hold their vendors accountable, are relying on a manager who doesn't have the adequate training or time for this daunting task, or simply doesn't understand the necessity of this and most likely is being taken advantage of by their ad agency/digital vendors. If a dealer is ahead of the curve and has hired a Digital Marketing Director in-house, this person is most likely way overworked and wearing too many hats to be 100% efficient.

Enter BZ Consultants Group! We are able to review all your reports for you, freeing up your all important time so that you can get back to selling cars! We will deal with those pesky vendors and that foreign language of Google. We will ensure that we hold your vendors accountable and distinguish between facts and feelings!

Let us do that at which we excel, and this will let you excel!

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Brooke C. Furniss

Brooke graduated from Brigham Young University. She has always loved sports, traveling, medicine, cars, and being a data-nerd! Her journey started out in the medical field as an Athletic Trainer taping ankles and eventually traveling around the world with Broadway shows as their athletic trainer. Eventually, she was fortunate enough to progress into management.

In 2010, her love of cars and the automotive industry took over in a very tumultuous time in our industry and was hired as a consultant for the leading Automotive CRM. She later took her knowledge and expertise to help her brother start up and run his software company for collision body shops. While with him, the company grew at expeditious rates, setting record after record. She has been very blessed to work hand in hand with numerous OEMs and the major players in the automotive industry, all while being recognized for many "firsts" in every position she has held. Brooke has been honored to have the opportunity to speak at many conferences and events along this wonderful journey. She is constantly striving to learn and make the automotive industry a better place.

She started BZ Consultants Group solely to educate the dealer and be a champion for them. BZ resides to inspect what dealers should be expecting of their vendors, specifically their digital vendors. Dealers are usually taken advantage of by companies as they bank on the fact dealers have no idea what they are doing and don't understand the "techy lingo." We are here to balance the scales, educate the dealer, and give back all that time the dealer would be spending in meetings pouring reports they don't understand back so that they can focus on the customer experience, growth, and selling. Simply put, we distinguish between facts and feelings as we hold their vendors accountable.

When Brooke is not educating dealers and saving them from the all scary "vendors" that constantly try to sell them on something, you will most likely find her at some sporting event with her other half Chris as they are both sports junkies! She loves to travel, especially to warm climates during Chicago's winters! Chi-beria is a real thing! Anyone that knows her, knows the way to my heart is through the freshest pair Air Jordans!